Import Products From China to India Door to Door Delivery Service

Do You Want an Hassle Free Freight Forwarding & Easy Customs Clearance?

SILIC INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISING PVT. LTD provides fast and easy customs clearance of almost any imported goods to the INDIA. Our simple program allows us to take charge of your shipments, pay duty fee’s and clear them in one seamless transaction. And we can clear goods through India Customs from any port in the India. Whether you need customs clearance at the port, or door to door freight and clearance, we offer a total logistics package for all your imports to the India.
As your trusted china import Agent, we will handle Import Export procedure Tax, custom duty and accounting Documents preparation, Customs clearance, Commodity inspection(if needed), Fumigation (if needed) and Shipping arrangement.
We source, inspect and procure the products of your choice for import from China and safely deliver the product at your doorstep while securing your payments. Sourcing from China is our specialty, and we can deliver your products right at your doorstep, in any part of the world.
SILIC INTERNATIONAL clears imports through any port in the India quickly and easily with our exclusive India Customs connected EDI program. We clear goods in any major Indian port and arrange delivery to warehouses and stores while you concentrate on sales.
SILIC INTERNATIONAL provides an essential service for importing goods freight forwarding & customs clearing in India. We make imports and customs clearing simple by offering a seamless, streamlined process for importers to ship freight, pay duties, clear customs and deliver to a India location in one seamless and simple transaction. We offer a total logistics solution for all imports to the India. Our one stop customs brokerage transaction process assures you to stop worrying about importing and focus on selling. We are the customs broker of choice for hundreds of import based businesses all over the globe!
We act as your guide through the often complicated import process. Each step of the way we act on your behalf, clearing your goods through India Customs, making sure they are in 100% compliance with India Customs rules and regulations, paying duties and tariffs, and ultimately shipping your goods to their final destination. Our logistics and importing experts take great pride and care in helping importers of all experience levels. From first time importers of startups to large volume importers in big industry, we handle each with great care.
Our clearance process is handled with great efficiency by a professional staff of expert licensed customs brokers. Your imports to the India are in good hands.
So get with the program today, and see how we can take the worry out of clearing your imports. It is easier and faster than you think!
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